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Question about MES 30

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I'm wanting to purchase an MES 30 but am unsure if it is better with the window or without. What are your thoughts? I also am going to get the Amaze N smoker tray and read somewhere that the AMPS smoker doesn't work with the model with the window. What are your opinions and experiences?
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I really don't see the need for a window in any smoker. All you should see is smoke if you look in. A good reliable thermometer both for oven temp. and internal food is more important. I would suggest you check posts on this site and buy the model that the other MB users say is the most reliable!

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That was kind of my thought, I didn't really see the need for the window. From what I've read this far the majority of the MES owners seem to have the windowless model.
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I have the MES40 with window, I like that I can see what is going on with my cooking. Window cleans easy with white vinegar.

The gen 1 is the better unit the gen 2s have a lot of issues.

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I have the 1st generation MES40 with a window. When I am smoking cheese I smoke to the color I like. That is about the only time I can say the window is better but it never hurts. I can see something other than smoke.

Happy smoken.


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I have both the 30 and 40. My 40 has the window and is a pain in the **s to clean. Go with one without a window. remember,,,"if you're looking you're not cookin".

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Which one is the first generation?
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Gen #1 controls are on the back

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I bought the basic black MES 30 model #20070910, which doesn't have the window or a remote and I don't miss either one. I've got a window in my kitchen oven door which gets so dirty you can't see through it clearly because we don't clean it all the time since it's a hassle to clean when we do. Because of that experience I chose not to get a windowed MES model both because I didn't need one AND it was cheaper.

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