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Cookshack 206

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I'm checking out what's on Craigslist here and some guy is selling a cookshack 206 for $1000!!! That model is now called a 260 and sells for almost $7000 and that doesn't include shipping...

I am so tempted to call this dude!!! I have no need for something this size and would have to get an electrician to do the wiring to get a 220 plug by my garage but...

It's almost twenty years old. It's the same smoker I have at my pm job so I am familiar with it already...

I'm sure the wife won't notice! ;)
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Let us know what happens.

Happy smoken.


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Do it!!! Buy it, wire it smoke in it! Live in it if you have to!
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The dude updated this about a week ago; I'm guessing he still has it. After doing the math my photo-voltaic system Is maxed out at 2700 watts and this thing requires 3050 watts. So even if I get a perfectly sunny day I'd still have to run my generator the entire time I used this thing....

I just can't buy this! :(
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