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Venison Summer Sausage with Pure Pork Fat

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Mixed the pure fat at a 15% ratio with the venison.

Ground and mixed all together through the grinder. Then added the cure, high temp cheese, jalapeños ,mustard seed , and spice mixture.

I then stuffed it back into the pre soaked casing with the grinder and a stuffer plate.

After curing in the fridge for 24 hrs placed the sausages in the pre-heated smoker.

Smoked @ 120 for 1.5 hrs with smoke off.
Then 140 for 1hr with smoke on(90/10 hickory /mesquite) followed by 160 for 30 mins. I finally smoked the sausage @ 180 for the remaining 7 hrs till the IT hit 152.

After smoking I hit it with a cold shower for 5 mins and lowered the IT to 100. I then hung the sausage and let it bloom for two hours in room temp before refrigerating.

After a long night of refrigeration I cut them up and enjoyed every single slice. This was my second attempt and turned out wonderful. I rendered a bit of fat and couldn't get the casing to stick on my first try. Big shout out to a few members on this forum for the advice and suggestion
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You will get some fat out with smoker temp at 180. It takes forever to get them to temp lower than 180... SS looks awesome.. Nice job.... Points



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Great job on those!
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those looks great nice job..


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Very good sir. Nice SS there for your first try.

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Looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Terrific looking sausage. Salute!





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Nice looking SS !

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Very nice work!  Making your own sausages, from meat you harvested yourself, is not only rewarding, but much better for you health wise.  You know EXACTLY what's in the links you make!


Looks like you're on your way to having a ball in this wonderful hobby!


Keep it up!

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