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First Whole chicken!

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So this weekend I plan on smoking my first whole chicken. I started the brine today at 1:30 central time. Not sure if I will be smoking Sat, Sun or both days. Any suggestions on how long to let the chicken bathe in the brine?


I used water, salt paprika, celery salt, garlic and onion. Also I am assuming that it needs to stay refrigerated correct?


Any comments and advise would be appreciated.

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Refrigerated? Absolutely! No discussion there.

12-24 hours in the brine is good. You can go 48 no problem. Might be a little salter though.
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Thanks, Noboundaries. I dropped the salt content of the brine figuring it would be in the solution a little longer than normal.

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yeahthat.gif And don't forget the Qview.

Happy smoken.


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Try to air dry the bird before smoking it will help crisp the skin

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