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My sausage smoker

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I built my smoker box 24" by 24" by 48" tall. The outside is made with OSB plywood with 1/2 in pink insulation covered with 1/8 plywood. Heat source is a 110 volt 1500w heating element .I did not want to use gas because the temp could not be controlled.  I have temp and humidity gauge, both about 20.00 each, with a 200 degree cut out switch so it will not burn to the ground. All the parts were bought from Amazon. The cost was about 150.00 for every thing. When I set the temp it will stay +or - 3-4 degrees. The pellet smoker will last longer than the cooking. I will post the links of the parts.  If anyone needs the details PM me and I will be glad to share. Having fun making smoke.

The Box





Temp control only read Celsius. I did not see the Fahrenheit till after my order

Humidity control


Cut out limit control

Instant read thermo

A-maze-n pellet smoker

Drip pan

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Jones..... Awesome.... should be a great smoker.... very few realize 200 deg F is more than you need for a great smoker.....

Thanks for the parts list..... With the parts you have, you could ferment sausage like dried salami, coppa etc.... Dave
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The link for the Temp controller and element are the same.  Any chance you could repost the link?

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I changed the link. It is the right one now

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Nice build... Thanks for the info



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Looks nice. What's the humidity controller hooked up to?

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The Humidity Control has two probes. One for humidity and the is for temp. The probes are in the smoker on the back wall about a  foot from top. It does not control anything, just monitor  the humidity.

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Ah Ok, I see. Cool project!

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