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Cold Weather Smoking

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First things first, Happy New Years to all. I'm going to do a pork butt this weekend, the high temp 25ish degrees I will be a using propane smoker. In trying to keep the heat constant (opending the door the leastamount as possible) I'm thinking on having some soaked and dry wood for instant smoke and smoke as the wood dries. On the top self having a cast iron heat element from my bbq to maintain heat in the upper half, also having another water bowl on top to aid in stabilizing temp. I've done a ton of cooking in the winter but never smoking.
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Don't use water in the pan. Use sand or gravel wrapped in foil. If you soak your chips they must dry before they can smoke. So yes half and half will add more smoke time between adding wood. You can also use chunks. Play with it and find what works best for you. A wind break is also a good idea.

Happy smoken.


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I would of never thought of sand,what a great idea. What about the cast iron grate? I think it should help hold the heat. This is such a great place to learn. .Thanks
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