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That really looks good, I might have some cabbage left in the reefer outside from New years..... I better check....LOL


Glad you enjoyed !!

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My parents and grandparents would always smoke their sausage and tasso for a few days straight. They all lived into their 90's. This was in the heart of Cajun country. Strongly smoked sausage made with quality meats is hard to find and what I miss most from the area.
I have cold smoked one batch of sausage for a little over a day and I think it could have gone another day.
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The andouille is cured, it been handled only by me, it had a long due date, and I only smoke 4 to 5 hours then ice chilled before its back in the cooler. I actually keep raw smoked andouille I like it in veggies like cabbage.

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