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Happy New Year

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As the title says

A big thank you to Danny for kicking this off. 


I wish you all you wish yourselves


Dave and Annette



Sorry for making the above big, but Danny can't read the small print, its his age !!

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:ROTF  Got new glasses but still need big print!  You are takin tha piss Dave!  You are fitting in quite nicely! Give as good as you get!   :icon_lol:  GREAT post! THAT'S what I REALLY like about our Group,  Informal, "family" we can all take tha piss and have fun doing it.  Respect is given , help is always offered and fun is poked as and when.  Makes it a fun place to be.  I will continue to try to make the U.K. Group the best it can be and I depend on you folks to help me build our Group.  We haven't done bad in our first year and I hope to do better next year.  Dave I expect to see you at next years meet.  Yeah it's a long drive but others have made it.  C'mon, you can make it!


We wish you and those you love a Happy Healthy New Year!

Danny and Annette

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Happy Christmas & wishing you all a Great New Year.  


Sorry not been ignoring you, well I have really !!!!!!  Just been so busy, proof that BBQ and Smoking is very much active  in the UK.

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Just recovering from Christmas and New year. Lots of people fed and watered - now I need the rest of January to dry out.


I hope that everyone had a good break and that 2015 will be a great year.



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