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Pork Tenderloins

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I have a couple of small pork tenderloins thawing.  My thought is to inject them with rosemary-infused apple juice, wrap them with thick-cut maple glazed bacon and smoke them over some apple or pecan wood.  Is injecting them a waste of time considering the density of the tenderloin?


Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.  I'm planning on doing this Saturday afternoon so I've got plenty of time to contemplate your input!

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It won't take much do to the density. I would brine them in it.

Happy smoken.


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X2 Brine before injecting.

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I prefer to inject my loins and tenderloins.  Due to the density the injection doesn't quite have the "reach" in an injected loin or tenderloin like it does in a butt/shoulder so you need to inject every 1/2" or so to insure better coverage, especially if you are not marinating them once injected. 


I've seen some funny colors in the meat depending on what I'm using for an injection.  With a rosemary infused apple juice you'll be fine.  I once did a tart cherry juice injection and had what looked like a Christmas roll.  Sure was good though!   

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Well I decided to go with injecting.  It worked out better than I could have hoped.  I used hickory instead of apple or pecan because I wanted the stronger wood to penetrate the bacon.


My wife actually ate it without ranch or barbecue sauce.  That's all I need to know for proof that it was good.  :)


On the grill...



After resting...



The ever-popular "representative slice"...





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nice smoke ring!

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