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recipe help

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My late Grandpa took is recipe to the grave about 10 years ago I no nothing about making sausage  We found this recipe last week in his things Can someone help me understand it with some suggestions on how much Ingredients Here is the recipe


makes 25#

1/3 shoulder

2/3 pork but

3T black pepper

3/4 cup canning salt

garlic juice

chili powder    (how much)

sage               ( again how much)



Any help would be much appreciated

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Sounds like a breakfast sausage ( chili Powder and sage ) when left like that indicates to taste.

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Start with just a couple of pounds and reduce the black pepper accordingly. Salt should be 2% or a little less one clove of garlic is a good start and 1% chili powder and .5% sage would be a fair starting place. Make a sample patty and fry it for a taste test and adjust the seasonings.

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