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High Mountain Jerky Run (Q-View)

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Hello everyone,


I decided to finally put a batch of jerky together during this holiday season. This time, after reading good reviews, I ordered the High Mountain jerky seasoning variety kit (5 flavors). Beforehand I was using a homemade blend but wanted to play with this kit. 


For this run I've decided to use the cracked pepper 'n garlic flavor. Each different packet seasons up to 4 pounds of muscle meat a packet, along with 2 tablespoons of cure, which is also provided in the box. 

Here is all the jerky sliced (a few pieces had to hammered flat and even to under 1/4in). We have here half beef round and half sliced deer. Each side of each piece was dabbed dry with a paper towel and sprinkled with our high mountain seasoning and cure. 

After seasoning/cure applied, both were packed tightly in layers into 1 gallon zip lock bags (for better seasoning/cure penetration). These will be refrigerated for no less than 24hrs for the high mountain cure to do it's job. 

While waiting on that process, I'm taking the liberty of grinding up some deer burger with bacon as added fat with my kitchen aid grinder attachment. I have around 10lbs so far for the freezer. 

Of course I couldn't wait and had to grill up a batch of deer burgers to try out. Wow fresh grind is the way to go! Toped with a little cheddar cheese and mayo. 


I will update this post after the curing process is over. I have decided to run this batch of jerky though the dehydrator as opposed to the smoker to change things up a bit. Thank you for viewing and happy cooking!

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Looks good. I like to use the high mountain sweet and spicy seasoning.
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Originally Posted by thesmokist View Post

Looks good. I like to use the high mountain sweet and spicy seasoning.

Thank you, and yes I'm excited about trying it for the first time!

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Just an update, after a day and a half of curing, I loaded up the first batch into the dehydrator. I believe i will have 3 batches to run, what can't think of a better way to spend this dreary and cold New Year's Eve! now we wait....

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So how did this turn out?

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That's the same cure I used for ground jerky & sticks. Mine came out great. I'm sure War Boar's did, too.

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Yes, this was great jerkey. Sorry that at time I missed a photo of final product. Great stuff here.
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