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1st smoke.

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This was my 1st smoke. I took about 5 recipe/strategies and made one my own. It went pretty decent. Went with St.Louis style ribs.
Dry rubbed and let sit in fridge for about an Hr. Got smoker to about 250 degrees. Once I did that I put ribs in and didn't touch the door for two hours. After that I mopped my ribbs with vinegar, my dry rub, some Jack Daniels. Then I put back in smoker for one hour. After that I took ribs out, mopped again the wrapped in aluminum foil and put back in smoker for 2hrs. Once the two hours were up I took ribs out, unwrapped and but some BBQ sauce on and put back in smoker for 1/2 hour. After that is was fat boy heaven.[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
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Well done.

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Awesome job, thanks for posting.



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Good job....they look great.

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Outside looks great ! Any pics of the inside ??  :drool:

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No. I forgot haha
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