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Hi Dave,  Well finished temp run today and I have quite a change.  Top and bottom settle about 10 degrees delta.   With upper firebox vents closed I could get to 180 with my little BBQ Side Burner and it would adjust down plus when I opened the upper firebox vents I dropped about 20 degrees but temp was stable.    Mind you I did not have any wood or lump in the pan.    I did gain about 5 degrees when I closed the flue vent down by 50 %.    I am planning some ribs tomorrow and the Mesquite and lump typically give me plenty of heat but I do think the little propane burner is probably next to go.  I was concerned about its capability when I built it.  Norther tool has a nice burner that I think i will order.


Firebox gas flames were great even down on low.  I coul dget the temp down to 120 and stable which is great for some cold smoking.


I am pleased so far with the changes.   When you get a chance take a look at the side channel Smoke exhaust openings in the CC.    ANy suggestions??






Bob in AZ

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The side channel openings looked OK the way they were.... smoke/heat enter and curl downward toward the exhaust opening...

I would fire it up with everything wide open... get the heat/smoke drawing through the entire smoker.... as the temp rises in the CC, cut down on the lower FB intake to cut the air to the fire... if using briquettes or what ever...

When you add wood chunks, the temperature will go a lot higher.... stick with what you have and test it.... then decide... BE VERY CAREFUL closing down the exhaust.... it will stop the incoming air and put out the flame in the burner.... You could have an explosion that would kill you or your kids...
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Hi Dave 


I am very sensitive to the propane.   I don't plan on shutting the exhaust as it did not make much difference at 50 %    not worth it.  Will do some ribs tomorrow so will know how temp does with wood.  Hope I can just shut the propane off after the wood kicks in.  I did that before.  I use a mix of Lump and Mesquite wood.   Again I want to thank you for the help.   


Wishing you the best of New Years



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