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Canadian bacon

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I'm in about 4 days with pops brine curing some Canadian bacon today I decided to stir the meat around and felt one of the tenderloins and it felt kinda slimy is this normal? I injected it into it to get a OI and IO cure
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It can be, wouldn't be worried about it. Generally that happens when there's too much sugar in the brine. You can get ropy strings of stuff that looks like snot.

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Well I put 1 gal water 3/4 cup sea salt 1 cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar the insta cure and a 1/2 teaspoon maple extract should i of chosen white or brown sugar??
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Nope, pops brine uses both white and brown sugar.
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I am figuring to pull my loins out on Sunday morning this will be around a 10 day cure with the thickest being around 2-1/2 inches thick this should be long enough?? I am going to soak in fresh water for 30 minutes and let dry in fridge for a day or so and then go to the smoker.... What should I smoke at I have a mes 30 and have not been able to do the mailbox mod yet so is cold smoking out of the question or should in hot smoke it?? Thanks for any replies
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Smoked my CB today and tasted awesome
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Looks tasty, Nice smoke! Now where's the sliced shots???
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i am chilling in the fridge now... And will hand slice tomorrow evening will post a photo
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So how did it taste and what temp did you end up smoking it at and w

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Tastes great to me.. The usual hammy taste tho... I smoked it at 120 for 4 hours with hickory then bumped it up to 200 till it reached 145 it then pulled and sat in the fridge for a day then sliced
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