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10 lb Pork Loin cut in half

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I am new to the forum but have used advice on here plenty of times, so this is my formal introduction.



Today, I am cooking for 8-12 folks to watch the Dolphins beat the Jets.


I am about to throw two 5 lb pork loin roast in the smoker. I marinated them for over 24 hrs in a lemon based marinade.


Preheating the electric smoker to 215 degrees and prepping the meat for a final BBQ sauce bath.


One issue I am uncertain about since I have never smoked two pieces of meat before, do I do anything or should I expect anything different smoking two roasts at the same time?


Thanks for your time, look forward to future discussions. Will post pics when complete.

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Nope nothing different. Smoke those two roasts until the IT is 145f. Take them out foil wrap them for 30-45 minutes slice and serve.
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Thanks for the response. When I take the meat off I always wrap them in aluminum foil and a big towel, then put it in a cooler for about an hour. Its amazing how juicy it is once you take it out to slice. Cant wait!!

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