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Leftover hmmmm ( yes pics lol)

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So with the new smoker and me being a newbie to the smoking game I want to smoke everything in sight. My first smoke was lunch and dinner I smoked steaks for lunch and when those came off the tenderloin for dinner went on. It was a big challenge to get the fire going nice and even and then control the temps was a huge obstacle and I'm still not sure on the wrap and rest parts yet. But that will all come with time and experience and I think my first smoke overall went well.

Now three days later ( I was busy all day yesterday lol) I have a couple small pieces of left over steak and breakfast is my fav meal of the day. So I got the idea to cut up the meat in small chunks add them and a bit of cheese to some eggs with salt/pepper and a bit of maple BBQ seasonings. I also have some glazier ( redskin hotdogs I though I would try just for shits and giggle) and I sliced and halves the dogs just cause I thought it was best. I wanted a foil pan or something like that but did not have any so settled for whatever I could find lol.

So here are pics of the prep process and later you will get the pics of the finished Product. Any thoughts or tips are more than welcome


oops first time posting pics from the phone went bad lol stay tuned

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I like seeing what others can do with leftovers...... I always cook way too much food.....

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Left over steak, this has Egg Muffins written all over it! Another fine protein that could be added to the mix!
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pretty darn good if i do say so myself lol and the hot dogs are still in there











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I assume that was cooked in the smoker? That's a really cool idea. The worlds first smoked omelette. Or would that make it a frittata? Whatever it is it looks awesome!
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Thanks and yes in the smoker. I'm out of control lol by 10am I had this and smoked hotdogs ( why you ask cause?? We'll because I could lol )

I need to master the patience thing and also wood selection plus maybe wrapping or finishing in the oven. I love it all so far but a littl strong for the rest of the family.

I have to realize that I don't need to see a ton of smoke ( ESP white) flowing out like a chimney on a house when it's 24 below zero lol.
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Looks good,keep on practicing like you have been and you will get there! Experimenting is half the fun,as long as it's edible😜
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Lol so far it's been editable and I'm fortunate we have mild temps right now so I can be outside with it. Soon enough it will be way below zero and I will be spending all my time on the four wheeler plowing or the snowmobiles riding.

I know I'm using way to much wood and my temps are sporadic ( I know will always be an issue with a cheap smoker like this)but I also know it's a process and I'm learning.
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Your Frittata looks great!


Keep at it. It is amazing how much a few degrees ambient temperature will effect fuel use on a cheap smoker. But that is half the fun, the extra challenges you can have.

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