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I think they are done. Put them wrapped in my yeti. Will be eating in 2 hours. Done too fast. Next time I'll cook lower temps. Had it way too hot due to my bad thermometer.
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Looking good



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Well. They were horrible. Too much smoke, over cooked, and too much seasoning. Cats will enjoy them though. I'll try it different next time. Maybe I'll do exactly what someone else has done and not try my own stuff. That's two horrible meals so far on my new MES. Hopefully the 3rd time will be a charm.
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Wow, sorry. Its easy to over season.
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Been there myself.

If you have too much smoke, foil first for an hour at least to 1.5 hours. This will soften the collagen and meat cant take as much smoke after 140 degrees. Unfoil, and coast the meat to finish by watching the temp and the water content of the meat. This is easier with a water pan. When it come to spice, whatever you chose, but limit it to 1 teaspoon or 5 mL per pound. This is a rough guideline,but its foolproof enough to get you on target for ribs. There are really good cooks here that I hope would be glad to give us all pointers on spice/weight ideas.
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Looking good -happy belated b-day !

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Hate they didn't turn out, Now you will just have to smoke again !



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Well it's too bad that your birthday meal was a flop, but I hope you had a happy one anyway. Sometimes I get into slumps when it seems like everything I make is a bit of a miss. When this happens it often helps to take a step back, dig out the recipe files and make something I haven't had in a while and follow the recipe exactly. For me it kinda gets me outside my own head and gets me back on track. Maybe next time try following a recipe for 3-2-1 ribs and go easy on the seasoning. Ribs are great with just salt and pepper. You'll get there. By the way, ribs are a serious pain in the butt. It takes a while to get consistently good results. I'm still hoping to be one of those "rib masters" but I've got a long way to go yet.
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Hate to hear that your birthday meal didn't turn out as planned. One thing to keep in mind the next time is that mesquite is a very intense wood to use in smoking. A little goes a long way try using it along with Apple or cherry. Also as others have said ribs don't need a whole lot of seasoning ecspecially if you are going to end up saucing in the end. I've got 2 racks of St. Louis ribs rubbed and hanging out in the fridge to smoke for New Years. Again better luck next time and don't give up you will get there.
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