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Christmas Charcuterie

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Krakowska, kabanosy, double smoked kielbassi, upper left is a twist on krakowska it has crushed red pepper, butcher grind black pepper and a couple of olives.


Closeup of the krakowska with olive. It had a nice flavor from the crushed red pepper, the olive just looks cool.


Top row left to right double smoked kielbassi, summer sausage with jalapeño, krakowska, beef jerky

bottom row left to right krakowska with olive, Kabanosy, summer sausage


And a little smoked salmon

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Good grief!! That all looks incredibly beautiful. Presentation is off the charts.
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Wow that is a great looking dish, very nicely plated. The only thing missing is the pickled tomatoes just kidding

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Great looking plates there. If anything was missing it was me there sampling all those great cuts of meat! Nice work!
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Nicely done.
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Great pride in your work!!!  Love the variety and your presentation.  Reinhard

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Thank you all very much for the kind words

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Wow that is really neat with the salmon presentation. Yes you forgot to invite me.

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Very nice spread Capt.....................:third:

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Wow, Nice spread for family/friends, well done !

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