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First Q-view Smoke - Pork Shoulder

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OK, so I've smoked 2 pork shoulders before and took all the "before" and "during" pics, but never ended up taking the "finished" pics (forgot once I got that first bite) is the day I'm going to try and get them all in.  I rubbed down a 10-lb boneless (not sure why, but the butcher deboned it while I was waiting) pork shoulder with mustard and a dry rub that I made up with some turbinado, brown sugar, ancho chili pepper, cayenne pepper, chipotle pepper, regular paprika, hot hungarian paprika, italian seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder (sorry, I don't have the amounts handy...I somehow lost it between when I mixed it up last week and today). 


Got the MES30 smoker set at 250, using a mix of apple, pecan, and hickory pellets with my AMNPS.

So here's the rubbed down, post-overnight rest (with a bit of extra rub applied this morning):



Here goes nothing!

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Looks great.

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Should be tasty!
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And, finally, the "after" view! yahoo.gif
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A fine job, for your first smoke, looks terrific 



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Terrific looking pork!



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