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A pork roast. I need some suggestions.

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I have done this type of pork roast before but, in a pot on the stove top. Now I have a Traeger LIL Tex Elite I want to smoke this on and don't want to use it for pulled pork.



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Cook it to 165* - 170* and you can slice it

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Since you don't want pulled pork I'd go ahead and brine that butt in Pop's Brine (search it here) and turn it into a ham, or Buck board bacon. If you go the ham route I'd smoke it to an IT of 150-160 (safe temp for pork is 145). It will slice. One thing to consider is it's going to be fatty, so you may want to remove a good amount prior to cooking. The fat content is what makes this cut so good for pulling and mediocre for slicing.
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Ok, thanks for the cooking temps. I don't want to brine but, do want to marinade (which would be similar to brining), also what kind of rub before smoking? I was thinking of a rub similar to poultry.

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Found this on the Food Channel and all I can say is, WOW. I didn't do the marinade but, done the rest. I smoked the 3.4 lb pork butt roast in a pan with 1/2" apple juice at 225 degrees for about 2 1/2 hrs till it got to 120 then foil wrapped until the internal temp hit 160. It was a bit over done but, still tender and not dry. Next time for this, I'll pull it at 145 degrees and rest 1/2 hr.

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Where are the pictures



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Sorry gary s, I didn't take any after pics and I seriously meant to. I can say that if you look at the uncooked pics it was wrapped in the stretch string. I took it off and what I had was three pieces of meat barely connected to each other. I used the mustard, honey glue on it then the rub and wrapped it back up and put the stretch sting back on. 

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Is it smoking now ?



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