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Gas or Electric, and which one?

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I have been happy with an offset stickburner for many years. First a NBBD, now a OK Joes Longhorn. But, the kids are out of the house, and it is just the two of us now. I am thinking of buying a second smoker, something smaller, and more "automatic".

I am looking at pellet smokers, hoping to find something decent under $200.
Do you recommend gas or electric, and why?

Also, do you have any specific recommendations for a brand or model?

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Would be over your budget, but I'd at least take a look at the Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett. IMHO, your not going to be able to find a pellet smoker for $200, unless someone is lookin to sell one on Craigslist or somewhere like that ! Just my 2 cents ! Good luck with your search !
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For $200 or less, you could go somewhat hybrid and get a gas or electric smoker along with an AMNTS (tube) or AMNPS (tray) from Todd over at Amazenproducts.    I use an AMNTS in my Smoke Hollow 44 gasser and it's basically set it and forget it.

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I chose electric just for the fact that I won't run out of propane halfway through the one time it matters and I am just getting started so until I knew my passion I didn't want to get to heavily invested.
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For just two people I'd look into the 14.5" WSM, or building a Mini-WSM. Super efficient, versatile, and portable. Can also double as a grill.

I have had electric. I have propane and also
Pellet. I don't get the flavor profiles I want with the propane or the pellet smoker. Info like electric, but only for smoking things like fish, jerky, and sausage where controlling lower temps is required.

For your $200 or less budget the WSM-14.5 is spot on. If you're handy and can find the tamale pot the Mini-WSM can be built for under $100.
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