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Double Smoked Ham & Prime Rib


I will be using Bearcarver’s Recipe and method from his “Step by Step”


Christmas Eve – Start getting everything ready

Charcoal in Smoker, Propane Tank & Weed Burner Ready

Rub down and season Prime Rib, wrapped and back in the fridge.


Christmas Day:     Outside Temp 27°

5:30 – Make Coffee

5:45 – Fire up weed burner, lite charcoal and warm up smoker.

             There was a thread on refillable grill and smoker starters

                “ Mine is refillable”  Texas Size

6:00 – Start trimming Ham and preparing for smoker

6:30 – Smoker about 200 ° Put ham on (Note) I had planned on doing just as        

             Bear had suggested with putting the fat in a pan above the ham, I didn’t

             have enough head room and had to pull my top rack. Since I had

             already trimmed my ham, I took several of the bigger, fattier pieces

             and laid them back on the ham, using toothpicks to keep them in place.

7:00 – Temp steady at 225 °

7:30 – Put on the Prime Rib

8:00 – Added another split and some charcoal. (Note) I put my charcoal in my

             chimney, sit it on my side burner and start it that way, Quick, Fast and

             in a hurry.

8:30 – Checked internal temps, Prime Rib 61°, Ham 89° Smoker at 210°

9:30 -  Checked internal temps, Prime Rib 77°, Ham 95° Smoker at 225°

             Added a little more charcoal. Sunny, warming up outside temp. 44°

10:45 – Internal temps Prime Rib 110°, Ham 106°

11:15 – Internal temps Prime Rib 119° Ham 118°

12:20 – Internal temps Prime Rib 132° Ham 122°  pulled PR and wrapped in

               foil.  Waiting on Ham

1:00 – Internal temp Ham 135° Put on Glaze (Bear’s Recipe) Opened up

             damper to raise the temp, about 270°

1:20 – Hit 140° finally, everybody was starving, eating as fast as I could cut

             it up.   But !!!!  Well worth the wait


Used hickory and pecan splits with charcoal




Picked these up the other day




$6.99 a lb.



Good marbling



Smoked ham




Another view




Getting ready to be prepped 



Rubbed down and ready to be wrapped 




Wrapped and ready to rest until tomorrow




Texas grill lighter



Everything ready for the big day




It was cold this morning 27 degrees



Trimmed up ham



Rib Eye patiently waiting



Prime Rib went on at 7:30 Ham at 6:30



Another shot




Frost everywhere 



Around 10:00 AM



This is how I start a chimney of charcoal



Pulled Prime Rib, Ham still smoking



Prime Rib getting ready to be foiled and wait on the Ham



Ham finally ready



Had to get a shot of wife's brussel sprouts with bacon



Ham ready to be carved



Prime Rib ready to be carved




Aha   Nuff said



Ham is fantastic



Gary's Rib bones for later, (Didn't offer to share)




#1 son cutting Prime Rib,, Cut a slice, eat a slice  etc.




Oh yeah  Had some pulled pork wife cooked in slow cooker the other day

had to put it on the smoker. (save for another day)


These were FANTASTIC! #1 son said he eats prime rib all the time buy this was hands down

the best he had ever had. The double smoked ham was super really kicked it up, everybody loved it


When #2 son, daughter-in-law finally got here, he couldn't stop eating them both.


I would like to thank Bear for his "Step by Step" on both of these.


This was some of the best ham and prime rib I have ever eaten, not because I was the cook

but because of Bear.


Thanks for looking  and Merry Christmas



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Oh man, what a meal.

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Nice looking smoke! Enjoy those bones!!
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Awesome looking food Gary..... You can count on Bear for some good Q

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Great looking meal, nice smoke!
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Gary that all looks so good I will be grilling a PR today,half my kids and grandkids are coming.

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Awesome Job Gary!!!Thumbs Up


And a Great Step by Step too!!!Thumbs Up


I never saw a better looking combo of Ham & Prime Rib!!:drool:drool---------------------:points:


Great idea sticking Fat pieces on top to make up for no head room above!!Thumbs Up


Thanks for the Shout-Out & I'm really glad everybody loved it!!:banana_smiley:




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Thank you Bear, followed your Step by Step



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Another great post Gary. Food looks great!
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Quite the spread and it looks awesome.... Nice job.... Thumbs UpThumbs Up
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Everything Looks fantastic, I'm with you on cut a slice, eat a slice. lol... MY PR wasn't as much of a hit yesterday, I loved it... tons of beefy flavor, but most of the family don't like rare, I said then you don't like prime rib... you just don't cook  PR well done. Probably should have served it shaved...

I guess I'll start cooking London Broil to an internal temp of 2,000°


Quick story...I made some pineapple habanero, peach, bacon, chicken skewers on Manday that I overcooked, was almost jerky like. Anyhow I was going to trash them when I seen they were all gone I said, "wheres that chicken"...the wife unit and daughter ate them and said how wonderful they were, surprised they didn't break their teeth.

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Awesome Job Gary!!!Thumbs Up


And a Great Step by Step too!!!Thumbs Up


I never saw a better looking combo of Ham & Prime Rib!!:drool:drool---------------------:points:










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Looks like you knocked it out of the park again. I never tried a double smoked ham. That might change soon. Great smoke!!!

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What an incredible meal and a great post! I am not surprised your family loved it!





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What a holiday feast! How fantastic! That looks amazing! Great job! Cheers! - Leah

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One day I will smoke like you hahaha. 


Well done! 

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Nice meal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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