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Vac Master Pro for Christmas

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I must have been a good boy this year. My bride surprised me with a new vacuum sealer the VacMaster 350 Pro. Can’t wait to try this bad boy out. She definitely surprised me this year.


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That's a great gift! I was just looking at the deal Lisa has going right now and may pull the trigger. Can't wait to see your review!
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Hopefully I can bag a deer this weekend and I can put it to the test and write a good review. Out of the box this thing seems built like a tank. Also seems straight forwards to operate. I can also see where the new model with the bag storage and cutter will come in very handy. May have the chance to try it on the left over ham if there is any!

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That will be great for storing/freezing all kinds of goodies !

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I have a vac master 140. You will love it.
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