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Smoked turkey and chicken legs

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The turkey was brined for just over 3 days using Pops recipe, but I added sage, bay leaf, and some garlic to the brine. I just had a little sample since it's for tomorrow, but Dayum! Good stuff!

I did the chicken legs much differently than normal. #2 son is in town for Christmas, and we like to experiment a bit, ok, a lot! We brined the legs in Pops recipe with Italian seasoning, bay leaf, cracked black pepper, granulated garlic, and some onion powder. Dropped the legs into the bucket and let sit in the frig for 24 hours. Soaked in cold water for 1 hour, dried for 4 hours in the frig, and then COLD smoked for 2.5 hours in the smoker that had bacon smoking in it.

Pulled them from the smoker and finished them in the oven. 450 for 30 minutes. Almost had to wear a bib because they were so juicy!

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Tasty looking poultry, nice smoke!
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