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Christmas Brisket

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Once upon a time, there was a new star in the west. Upon further investigation by two wise men and a woman (a detective, a fire marshal, and a wife), it was revealed that it was just a man that the locals know as Big D trying to deep fry a turkey sending flames heavenward in a glorious display.

Christmas was ruined, what was a family of well meaning Fowler's to do?

The well meaning middle child of the clan was at a loss, the sound of Christmas carols and the typical family in-fighting pounding in his head. Then it happened. A Christmas miracle, one would presume. There was a break in the music, a lull in the annual argument about family photos and potato salad.

An epiphany struck!

The middle child devised a plan that should be the envy of most any man. A brisket, a brisket in the freezer, that would save the day! He carefully arranged his spices, salt and pepper, paprika and onion, Tony's and garlic. Slathered with mustard and worchestire sauce the meat looked superb.

To the fridge the meat went to rest, bathing in spices

To be continued....
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This story sounds a little far fetched.

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Oh, this story is completely true....except for the parts that aren't..
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If anybody is curious, I used my SPPiGOT seasoning (salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, onion, Tony's)
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The kids were in bed, and Santa had come, our 36 year old hero marveled at all the presents that were left. TVs, motorcycles, .22 caliber guns hinted at spoiled children in the years to come. (It was a good year).

All of that done, he sprung from his bed, plenty of propane and apple and hickory, there was a brisket to be smoked, and he was just the man to do it.
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All of that done he went to bed restless, the smell of smoking brisket drifting through the window. Up at 4 to add some more Apple, what did he find? Two tiny mule deer.

A couple of more hours and the ankle biting rugrats arose. Christmas was here, no doubt about it. In short order the living room was covered in paper like a giant wrapping monster had got sick and hurled. With the presents unwrapped the IT hit 165, and the brisket got wrapped, now our story goes on hold while take a mid-morning nap.
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Some more time had passed, with the brisket a-smokin, then the bell started ringing on the cheap Walmart thermometer, he put on his boots and his new silicone gloves, bright orange they were, a gift from his mom, a couple of more checks verified it was done.
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I really enjoyed the story doesn't matter if its true or not.

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Oh, I almost forgot....and that is no the legend of the Christmas Brisket came to be.
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Love the story! haha

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