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chicken courdon bleu fatties

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I hope this is in the right place. Merry christmas all.


All lined up and ready to smoke. Nothing fancy in there just ham and swiss. jeffs rub.


On the weber kettle with apple wood. I couldn't be bothered with the uds today. raining cats and dogs.


I just had to. ABT's with a little smokey in there.

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Looking great, can't wait for more pic's!!!
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Well here ya go.



1 Hour in. 1 to go or so. I am planning on letting these cool quite a bit for slicing.


These a for my family snack fest tonight. Prime rib tomorrow but dang if my sister insists on doing it in the oven. Boo.


Final picture in cast iron over wild rice with pico de gayo for garnish. I hope you enjoy this as much as my family did.

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They look great will have to give them a try sometime!
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Is anyone actually seeing this post? It seems like my stuff goes right to the bottom the minute I post it.

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That looks absolutely mouthwatering!!!!     Love the Pico, wouldn't have thought of that.  Sometimes munchie nights are better than full meal deals, don't ya think?? 


Merry Christmas, and happy smoking!

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Yes this was a keeper for sure. I will be doing this recipe many more times. I loved the snack night christmas eve. My sister did a big prime rib christmas day and as I predicted it was shoe leather once she cooked it. Wish I could have gotten my hands on that puppy.

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