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Christmas Eve Chuck Roast

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My family has a tradition on Christmas Eve: I cook a pot roast in the slow cooker, make homemade bread, steam some asparagus and broccoli and then we watch "A Christmas Carol" (Patrick Stewart version.)  But this year the family wanted me to mix it up a bit, so I decided to smoke the chuckie instead.


Last night at 11 I put my basic rub on the roast: 1/2 tablespoon each of sea salt, black pepper, ancho chili powder and hot Hungarian paprika.  1/2 teaspoon of onion powder and garlic powder.


This morning I cleaned up the smoker, built up a Minion pile of KB with a couple of chucks of hickory, lit up a small chimney and got going.  I put the roast on at 12:00, the pit is currently running at 240 degrees.


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Chuck roast  is a great tradition to have.  That chuck looks like it's on it's way to a tasty meal!!!  When I was a kid and lived at home that's what we had most Sunday's and Christmas eve.  Reinhard.

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Hmmmmm, nice looking chuckie there......always nice to mix it up a bit......Merry Christmas, Willie

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Slingerland, here is to a great new Christmas tradition a fine looking piece of beef and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.



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Chuck roast, what a great tradition.  It is such a wonderful comfort food.  Making my mouth water.  Thanks for sharing.

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Chuckie has stalled after three hours of smoking, and at at internal temp of 151 degrees.  Moved it to a pan, added veggies, a splash of beef stock and wrapped it up in foil.  Then back to the smoker!



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And dinner is ready...


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Eat well and enjoy!



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