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Sesame oil slather on beef?

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Got a 5# ribeye roast today and have it in the smoker now.

While getting ready to season the critter up, #2 son suggested that instead of mustard or EVOO as the slather, we use sesame oil. So, just to see how it would be, we rubbed a small amount of sesame oil all over the roast and then seasoned with Montreal seasoning....

So, anyone else ever used sesame oil on beef prior to smoking? I'm in a stall and bored, so I figured I'd ask. biggrin.gif

BTW, this is the first beef in the new electric cedar smokehouse....

Pics later in a new thread.
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Nope never tried it. Let us know how it turns out.

Merry Christmas and happy smoken.


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Merry Christmas to you and yours as well David!

The smell of the sesame was there, but almost no flavor, which is fine with me, the seasonings and beef flavor were more than enough!

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Looks mighty fine there Cranky.

Glad it turned out alright.

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Now that looks great.

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