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How to smoke a ham?

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The wife wanted a smoked ham for Christmas dinner. I've never smoked a ham. I just bought a cured ham at the butcher shop. It's not cooked at all. Anything I need to know going in to make this a success? Time? Temp? Seasoning?
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Do a search on Bearcarver I think he has a step by step for Hams

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If it is already cured, that's the hard part - just smoke it!  See for the complete process for future reference.  Smoke it at 225° - 240° until internal temp reaches 135" for partially cooked ham (requires further baking in the oven to 146°), or 146° in the smoker to fully cooked temperature to serve either hot or cold or to re-warm up.  Add wood as to what you desire, from mild fruit wood to hickory or mesquite.  Time, never know, see link.

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