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Yep, trusty ol' hogs. Probably 32-34mm. Ran the standard hour at around 105, then 2 hrs of hickory around 125, then finished at 150ish for an hour of cherry. Then into the water baths.
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So what IT?
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That just makes me want to order up some casing right now. Yum!

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The smoking only starts getting the sausages up to temp; they went into a 170 degree water bath until they hit 153-154, then into ice to cool em off. You could finish them in the smoker if you wanted, but I find the water bath to be quicker and more controllable.
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Thank you for the information ive been wanting to try making kielbasa for a while
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Wow. That looks great, I need to try this.
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Yes indeed, I made my first Keilbasa a couple a weeks back and It was good. Not at all like that store bought stuff, but I should have known that from previous experience. I like the chuck/butt mixture. I even have thought about that ever since I did mine. I just have not expanded into beef sausage yet. Heck I am still a newbie at all sausage, but I am liking the learning process.  thumb1%20copy.gif


Nice looking sausages.

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