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Baby Backs

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I usually apply my rub the morning I smoke my ribs, but I have to work from 6 until 11 tomorrow and am putting the ribs on at noon therefore time crunch. Can I apply my rub tonight and then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate over night and then set the ribs out as soon as I get home from work tomorrow?
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Yes, you will be ok don't worry.  Just don't "Rub" them...Sprinkle it on as liberal as you like so you don't clog the pores of the meat.

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You'll be fine ,have a good smoke ! Show us some pics Plz !

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Ready for smoke! that's only half of them ;)
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Originally Posted by aschmiesing View Post


Nice...What time is Dinner????  :)

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Yep, I'm waiting to see the finished shots! Should be great.
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Going in for smoke
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This is how far off the factory thermometer is from my digital
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Time to make them sticky
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I want someThumbs Up nice job

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Jackpot! Had to sample one before bringing them in to the family Xmas. Time for beers and dinner! Double smoked ham up next on Saturday!
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Very Nice..Enjoy the Family!

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