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Bone-In New York Strip Roast

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Got a couple of nice bone in strip roasts that were on sale [6.99lb.] so I roasted one up on Sunday.  Smoker next time around, but in the oven this time.  I injected to roast with beef broth mixed with garlic and some butter that I let simmer on the stove.  I dont like to put meat cold from the  fridge to the oven or grill/smoker for that matter.  I let the roast set on the counter for an hour or so at room temp. Here are some pics---Reinhard



Nice hunk of meat.  Weighed in at 4 pounds.


All injected and rubbed down.  Set the oven at 425 deg. for the first hour then put it down to 225 deg until the internal of 130 deg.


Well the internal temp was reached so now for a trip under the foil tent to rest for 15 minutes or so.


Started to slice up that roast after cutting off the bones.  Sliced it up on the thin side.  Here are some more "money shot's".







Made up a simple au jus to put the slices in to keep the meat moist.  Simple mix of a pack of Lipton Beefy Onion soup mix, some garlic [love garlic] and 4 cups of water.  Simmered it all up and gave the meat a bath in it before serving.  Reinhard

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Yummm!!!!! That looks awesome!!!!! Nice smoke!!!
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Looks real tasty from here, Reinhard!!:drool


Nice and pink in the middle.



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Looks great Reinhard - great color on them 



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Thanks everyone.  Next time I hope to do it in the smoker.  I'll sear it first in the oven at 425 deg. for an hour first and do the rest in the smoker at 225 until 130 deg. internal. This time I can put some smoke on it.  It was tasty and tender as a butchers heart LOL.  good luck.

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Looks delicious. I would eat that.... if you had invited me over:drool

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Howdy neighbor, pretty sure we're shopping at the same store!!!  We did one of these the other nite & the wife said "this is better than rib roast"!     Gotta get a couple more at that price-

Merry Christmas to you & yours-


PS somedays I swear that's your smoker wafting this way!!!!

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Great job!

Strip loin or NY Strip is my favorite cut. Only thing that is a close second in rib eye or prime rib.
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