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Can I reuse Pop's Curing Brine?

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I have some pheasant and duck in Pop's brine that is due to come out and into the smoker tomorrow. I have more duck I want to cure/brine.


Can I use the same curing brine liquid for my next batch? 


Thanks in advance for any and all help. 

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The meat you have in it now,has most likely absorbed all the salt and cure already. So I would say No do not reuse it.

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I would say no too but shoot pops a PM and ask him.. You might be able too depending how small the pieces/amount are and how much brine they are in......

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No.  The meat has absorbed the curing ingredients, and likewise expelled blood, juices and bacteria into the brine while doing so.  It cannot be re-used, but is inexpensive enough to make more; that is why I stuck to just necessary basic ingredients, nothing fancy or expensive.  

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