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New smoker table

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With the smoker being so low to the ground, I got an early Christmas present today. I got it put together an bolted the smoker down. It has plenty of room in the front so juices won't leak in the deck. Also a nice work surface to the side of the smoker. It is a little tall, but the smoker is at a nice height for me.


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Great set up.  Are you planning on installing wheels later on for the inevitbale deck cleaning? Leaves, dirt, the odd spilled food?  Where did you get the table?  I might do that for my 066.  How tall is the table? 

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Sarge, I didn't think about wheels. Not a bad idea. It does move pretty easily as well so I might ok for cleaning.

It is about 34" tall. You could easily cut the legs down if you wanted it lower. I got it from the link below. I looked at the Cookshack cart, but feel I got a lot more work area with the table.


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Thanks for the info.  Definitely on my 'have to do this' list.

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After looking at the picture, I think it would be good to swap the grill and the table. That would provide me usable workspace for both cookers.

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Redecorating already?  You are right.  A good prep station smack between the two.  I hadn't thought about that. So how is the Cookshack doing?

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I have been quite happy with it. Pretty difficult to turn out something bad it seems. My only complaint was having to get down on my knees to work it and dripping juices on my new deck. Both of those should be fixed now.

I hope to get some new stainless grates and maybe a few other things for Christmas.

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I have toyed with replacing my grates on my Cookshack with the SS but so far the stock grates are holding up very well.  One has to really work hard to score up a smoke.  I did once: 3/4 lbs of wood for a butt. What a waste of wood and meat. 

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