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Traeger Smoke Temp 275? Brisket help

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Hi Everyone,

I have a 16lb Angus Packer Brisket, heading out to the farm so I'll be using my father in laws Traeger pellet smoker.

Trouble is, the "smoke setting" registers at 275 degrees. I had planned on 225 degrees for around 12 - 16 hours, but the high default setting is throwing me off.

I know there is a way to change the default temp of the smoke setting but I am not mechanically inclinded and don't want to mess with another man's unit.

I imagine I will use the smoke setting until internal temp reached 140 - 150 ish and then switch to 225.

Has anoyone experienced this before? Any advise?
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I searched all day online - actually seems like an easy fix to change the default smoke setting closer to 225 - check the link
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Their isn't a thing wrong with 275°.  I am thinking you weren't going to have a cooked brisket if you were going to do a 16 LB at 225° and expecting it to be done in 12 - 16 hours.  In fact at 275° you are probably looking at 24 hours. You want a temp of around 195° IT. Start doing the toothpick test at about 185°. When it probes like butter it is done.

Remember PATIENCE, It is done when it is done.

Happy smoken.


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Thank you for the reply David.

I appreciate your advice, my plan was to smoke for 6 hours (or to IT 150) the default smoke setting, ( which I plan on re-setting to around 200/250.)

Then switch to straight 225 for around 4 hours

At around IT 170 - 180 separate the flat, and crutch the flat for another 2 hours or 195 ish. Cube the flat for burnt ends, a good douse of my own run concoction and back on the smoker for 2-3 hours.

That being said I am terrified of a stall and "ruining Christmas dinner" when my brisket ain't done before Boxing Day.
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At the cooking temps you have listed you're going to be in for a long haul. I smoke my briskets running the smoker 265-285 all the time. No crutch, no foil and they still take a lot longer than 12 hours for a full packer. Keep in mind that you can rest a brisket for 3-4 hours wrapped in foil, towels and in a cooler if it finishes early. If it's late best have Domino's number handy.
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