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My first boston butt

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Finally got my new MES 30 seasoned and ready to go last weekend so it was go time the past few days.  Friday night I trimmed up and rubbed down my hunk of meat with my own dry rub and a little veggie oil.  Wrapped it and let it sit overnight.



4:30am on Saturday morning, the thought of pulled pork motivated me to get out of bed and get the MES heated up.  I also recently got the cold smoker attachment and put it to its first use.  Provided smoke for a little over 5 hours (pecan and apple mixed) and I think it was a great investment.



Reached 165 around 11:30am and I went with the Texas Crutch method.  Wrapped in foil in the pan.  I added a little bit of apple juice mixed with dry rub which made for a tasty finishing sauce.


Around 6pm the butt read 201, so I dropped the heat in the smoker to 100 for 40 mins in lieu of the cooler method.  Brought it inside to be pulled to shreds!


I became a big fan of dark bark on Saturday.


Fried up some pickles while it was cooking to go on top of the sammies.




The finished product...pulled pork, fried pickles, bacon and a homemade maple aioli.  The wife never liked pulled pork until this weekend.  She said I can make it whenever I want to now.  It's Monday and I'm still full.


Happy Smokin',


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You've got a fine meal there.

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That looks awesome, nice first butt smoke !
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Looks great! Nice smoker you got there too, plenty of room to do all kinds of meats.

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Man that looks fantastic, great job, love fried pickles too. (Like your Avatar)



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This is so much better than my first butt and fried pickles for the sandwiches? I bow to you, sir.





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Got to love the bark! Great job!!
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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Man that looks fantastic, great job, love fried pickles too. (Like your Avatar)



Thanks Gary!  I have a cousin in your neck of the woods (Tyler) that's a fan of the avatar as well.  Small world. thumb.gif

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30 years for me



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