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Got My Sear On!!!!

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Oh yes you can sear a steak on a pellet smoker!!



I cold smoked these Rib Eyes for 1.5 hours with Hickory. Removed from the Yoder, then started the beast up!

Set point to 600, 30 min. later slaped the meat on the rack. I did'nt even use the grill grates and left the deflector plate in. Still got these great sear marks.

Oh by the way I am not a total Carnivore.

Hope you enjoyed lookin as much as I did eatin!!!

Keep Smokin!!!


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Awesome job on the smoked/seared steaks Wolf!


I love my Yoder as investment I ever made and built to last.

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Gotta have love for the pellet cookers! Looks great brother!

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Great lookin steaks & meal ! I really like my pellet smoker, it's fun to use....

Again, nice job !
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Wow!  They look great! It's 9 AM here and I am already hungry for a steak dinner (with salad of course)!  Hope you enjoy the Yoder as much as I like my Rec-Tec.

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Thanks for the replies!!
As I said in my post I didn't use the grill grates and left the diffuser plate/drip plate in!!
OOOPs my bad I just got off of the Yoder web site forum and the guy Yoder_Herb that kinda runs there forum said that you should not run your Yoder above 375 with diffuser in cause it will warp the plate!! Ok then it gives an easy fix to corect it. SO DO NOT SEAR STAKES WITH THE DEFUSER IN!!!
Keep Smokin!!
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