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Smokehouse Venting

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New to this Forum as well never really smoked anything YET!


I have a 36" x 36" slab poured, with an indirect fired heat/smoke source. I used a 20 lb LP tank on it's side then fed through a 3" steel pipe to the rear center of the slab.


Wife is on me to get this built,.............ain't that cool?


Anyway, I have my design in my head, but was wondering if there is any "mathematical" approach to sizing the venting.


If I understand the process you NEED to vent to allow smoke to enter but to also allow moisture to leave.


A vent pipe may invite critters/unfriendlies, so I was considering a grilles or vent ports with slide controls.


The size of the house is 36' x 36" with proposed 5' 6" high walls,.............wood construction.


Also anything else I should consider? Would love to hear those; "If I had to rebuild I would,..............".


Thank you in advance for any/all ideas advice!

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A picture would help greatly....
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Need some pics!!

Keep Smokin!!!


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Here's a photo from today. I just kept awn a building and ended up deciding that two (one front, one back) 6" x 12" vent holes in the gables were gonna have to do.


Looking forward to learning how to do this smoking correctly,................soon!

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That is a very nice looking Smokehouse!! A job well done.
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