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Using smoked foods in dishes.

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Made some smoked salmon patties.  So bad tasting when warm, I had to throw them out,  Broke my heart,

I just "KNEW" they would be good.  They weren't!


Then a couple months later made some homemade Mac & Cheese, using smoked cheddar.  Again, a BIG disappointment!

Looked forward to it, and just "KNEW", it would be good.  It wasn't!  Threw out  2 quarts of Mac and cheese.


In both cases I thought it would be good. 

But it was terrible, in spite of how hard I tried to convince myself that it was good.   I just couldn't continue eating it.


Adding smoked meat to any dish has never been a problem.  It works real well.

But using fish and cheese seems to be different. 

However, the smoked cheese will make a fantastic hot cheese sandwiches.  Go fiqure!


So.....  My question is this:

Which smoked foods should I not use in hot dishes, or use in small amounts?

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Re: Salmon patties - what do you mean by bad tasting?  Was it the Salmon itself or another ingredient that ruined it.


I make a Smoked Salmon pasta dish with roasted pine nuts that kick butt.  I have had numerous time a smoked chicken with wild rice soup which is wonderful.


Re: Smoked cheese - I again question if it is the smoked item or another ingredient which ruined it? 


Per your last sentence,  I could see that if you maybe add too much smoked product, it could be over powering with smoke flavor.

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We use leftover smoked meat in lots of stuff. It does change the flavor, so that may what it is. Wife saw a new recipe for Beans that had Andouille  sausage and smoked turkey led meat, It was fantastic !!!



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I've found that using left over smoked pulled chicken in salad puts off a flavor I'm not too fond of.  However I've used smoked chicken in enchiladas, tacos, or actually chicken mac 'n cheese and it is great.  I think it depends on what dish you add smoked foods to.  Some things just don't pair well with smoked meat/food i guess.

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I have never had a problem. As said above why was it bad? Is it over smoked? Did you let the cheese rest for at least 2 weeks?

Happy smoken.


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Overpowering smoke taste.  Too much even for me.

As I mentioned, I use most other meat in any recipe with no problem.  It only happened with the cheese and salmon.

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Was the smoked salmon and the smoked cheese okay by itself? Usually using the smoked product in other dishes mutes the smoked flavor.
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Yep.  On there own, they were fine.  Mot overpowering at all.

I don't know... Maybe I added something I don't remember that could have screwed it up, but I doubt it.  Could just be coincidence.

, or maybe I just don't like smoke flavor in those two dishes.


I may try just a little bit of smoked cheese along with un-smoked cheese next time.  Maybe 1 to 4 ratio.  As for the smoked salmon patties, I doubt I will ever try that again.  I will stick with un-smoked salmon for my patties.

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I would agree that if you are use to doing Salmon patties with non smoked Salmon meat like I do and then do a Smoked Salmon patty, it could be over powering.    Now, what if one smokes a regular Salmon patty?  OMG! 

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That is a great idea cmayna! 

Prepare the patties, or mac n cheese and then cook it in the smoker.  That should give it just a good hint of smoke by the time it's done.


I've done that with scalloped potatoes, and with beans.  They turn out great.  Slight to medium-light smoky flavor.

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