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smoking brisket

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I've been smoking a brisket for 12 hours now at around 240 degrees.  The internal temp is only 160 degrees.  Is this normal?  Everything I have been reading says it should take about an hour and a half per pound to get up to 185 degrees.  Thanks for your input.

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Number 1, how big is the brisket?

Number 2, how do you know you are cooking at 240 and what type of smoker you using?

Number 3, why are you only giing to 185 IT?
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Sorry.  Left a lot off.


Big Green Egg


Thermometer on the Egg


Was planning on going to at least 190 degrees.


Was thinking it is time to invest in another remote thermometer to watch actual grill temp.

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All cuts are different. And some cuts can be stubborn. You need to stay patient with brisket. I've done 2 briskets at the same time, same weight, and waited and extra hour to an hour and a half for the second one to be done. Look to get to around 195 and then use a probe or toothpick to check tenderness. Needs to go in nice and smooth. Some are good at 195, some at 200, some even higher, but if you pull brisket too early you may feel like you're eating shoe leather. You can boost the temp if you like, brisket can take it. Be patient, the reward is worth the wait.
BTW, those dial therms tend to be off. Get yourself a dual probe maverick et 733. A great tool to have.
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Been going through comments about thermometers. Just ordered the 733. will have it by next weekend.



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Still need to know how big the brisket is.  More importantly, how thick it is at the thickest part of the flat.

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It stalled.

I quit running the pit so low on brisket. It takes forever and doesn't taste any better. Crank up the heat and cut the time in half or more.

I do 14 lb packers in 7 hrs at 350*F. I go fat down to 170*F, wrap fat side up 'til probe tender. Little to no stall.
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