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You know, pretty soon the C-Man will be butchering and selling primals, doing lunches, and getting his own cooking show on HGTV!! Probably a very high end resturant where he serves only the finest of beef cuts. Can't ya see it all now, when the local Cullinary Institute of America wants him to mention their school on the jacket of his new book!!


You are making your granddad proud.


(You should surely grind enough for one link anyway. That way you could tell everyone when asked if they work," they did the last time I made sausage with 'em".)

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Sorry to hear of your loss, he will be a part of every link you make. Good luck with it

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Those old Enterprise stuffers are bullet proof, I think one would break their arm turning the crank before the stuffer gears would break.  To seal the plunger I use old ice cream pail lids.  Just trim them a little bigger than the plunger and lay it on top of a full canister, when you push the plunger down it will trim it to size.  The only thing I don't like is that they are a pain to clean.  I usually turn my hot water heater as high as it will go and use the spray nozzle and wire brush then a good coating of food grade lube.

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Thanks Case. I have a Kitchner here, just can't use it till Christmas.
You are going to love using that stuffer! Used mine this morning and what a dream it was.
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

My grandpap passed this year and I got all the old butchering equipment.


Hobart grinder




Looking down the throat.




1/8 inch plate?  I think it is.  Then 4 other plates.





I cant begin to tell you how many pounds of meat I put through this when I was growing up.  It still prrrrrrrrs like a kitten.



And this Enterprise cast iron stuffer.




I am ready to start stuffing.






Ok, I have a new stuffer coming.   I will use this one for back up.



I am gonna have alot of questions so be ready all you sausage makers.

Adam I see we have something else in common - the loss of a loved one.  First of all I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandpa.  Know that your Grandpa is probably up in heaven with my Jerry and they are watching over us.  What an honor to have such a wonderful piece of equipment passed down to you and Laura.  Your Grandpa knew you would put it to good use for sure.  I loss my Jerry this past January and I cherish ALL of the great food memories we shared together. Looking forward to seeing ALL of your  sausage pics.  You and Laura stay blessed - love each other - and enjoy Grandpa's very special gift. Merry Christmas my friend....Josie 

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Thanks Josie

Hope your holidays are great.
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