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I have to admit that is sweet look'n brother......I just picked up a close to 11lb prime rib to smoke when my Australian fiance gets here in about a month........since I'm in Canada and on an island (Vancouver Island) the price is a astronomical $15.37/kg or about $7/lb, but it is grade A/AA Angus so I can't complain too much.

I'll probably halve it since I don't think I can wait a month before digging into prime smoked heaven.........probably have it smoked up for the Sugar bowl and sit back to watch Alabama on the road to a National Championship.................


Rage'n Rebel..........

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Bamafan, were you shopping at the Fort Rucker Commissary? When we were there they would always have great deals on beef, my favorite was when they would put whole Beef Tenderloins on sale $2.99lb, best meat dept. in the commissary system

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No it was at the Eglin commissary.

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