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1st time pork belly

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I bought a whole pork belly last week. Saturday (8 days ago) I cut it into four pieces and followed this recipe as far as seasoning it. I vacuumed sealed them.

Thursday (after 6 days) I open one of them and oven cooked it as per the recipe. I placed it in the fridge until this morning when I sliced it and fried it up. Now the meat wasnt red like it is in the grocery store, perhaps I got it too hot? I need to get a meat thermometer. Anyway it tasted good...different but good.


Just about half hour ago, using the recipe in the catalog, I put the other three slabs in my Bradley Smoker. I rinsed the seasoning off of them and reapplied a little salt, some pepper, and a little honey (not what the recipe called for but I'm experimenting). I'll be using apple wood to smoke.


Meanwhile I discovered this website just now.


This is my first time so I'm learning. 


As far as curing and seasoning ....what do you guys use and prefer?


What wood you like for smoking bacon?




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and do you buy your own cure or make it yourself?

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Welcome to SMF stop by roll call introduce yourself.

As for curing Bacon you can check the curing section

Wet cure Pops Brine is very good

Dry Brine Bearcarver has some step by step

what ever you pick you came to the right place lots of great people and they are very helpful

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