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In for the LONG haul with pics

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Well I am 9 hours into what I calculate to be around a 28 hour smoke. I am smoking 3 turkeys for Christmas 2 18# and a 16#. These have to be smoked by Monday. The 2 18# will go to Colorado on Monday, the 16 will remain at home. Our daughter cant come here for Christmas, so the wife myself and 1 son are going there. Our other son cant go so hes staying here and having Christmas with my dad and sister. I tried getting out of doing 1 for here but the wife INSISTED I do one:wife:. The 16# is done came off the smoker around 10 PM. I have a pic of it and will post it as soon as I can find the camera cable. I'll get pics of the others as well. I'll update this post as I progress on this LONG haul. 


Turkey # 2 an 18# went into the smoker sometime between 11:00 11:30 PM. It came off the smoker at 6:15 AM. It is all cut up and bagged ready for the trip. Turkey #3 the other 18# went in the smoker around 7:00AM. As I type this the IT is at 160 so it won't be long and the LONG haul will be over. I have napped some during the night but I'm BEAT. More to follow


Turkey #3 came off the smoker some time between 2:30 and 3:00 PM. It is now all cut up and packaged to go, I have even managed to get in a nap. So all total the LONG haul ended up being 26 hours. For some odd reason the last smoke tube on turkey #3 burned up faster than normal. I  only got around 2 hours where normal is 3. The It was close enough I didn't reload.


AS promised Here are the pics.


            Turkey #1 the 16 # Just look how JUICY it is                                              Turkey #2 an 18# Just look at that color          





Turkey #3 Lightest color of the 3. Most likely due to smoke tube burning out faster than normal


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That is a lot of turkey!


Happy smoken.


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Originally Posted by themule69 View Post

That is a lot of turkey!


Happy smoken.


You are totally correct on that, But it takes a BUNCH to feed 10 people and have some left overs, That's why i smoked 2 18# turkeys to take. The 16# will feed 4.

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There is nothing worse than no leftovers!


Really pretty color on those birds.


Have a safe drive and a Mery Christmas!

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Terrific looking birds, sir.



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I like that color



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Wow they all look great but the middle one is a bird dreams are made of! Great job!!
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Those birds look outstanding.

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Number 2 should have a blue ribbon or something pinned to it. Real nice birds..
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