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Tools for the best results

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Am looking at starting to set myself up for sausage and snack sticks but have no idea what the best route to go is. What is the best way equipment to get within reason for grinding and stuffing? I am starting to do some research on recipes and such but wanted to know what everyone is using for equipment to build them.


Getting ready to start building my smoker project after Christmas.

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For a snack stick stuffer it is a LEM 5LB hands down. The larger ones have problems using the small tube.

 For a grinder that is more of how much will you be doing and what is your price range?

If you would add your location to your profile it would help. Someone right down the road from you may have an inside lead.

Happy smoken.


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Mule has you covered - good luck and let us know


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Food grade tubs (lugs) are very helpful as well... something to mix meat and seasoning in... doesn't have to be this particular one, this is just for reference...

A digital instant read thermometer is a must have (for checking internal temps, IT) .. this is one most use...
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To Begin with, food grade plastic is fine. For my my money Stainless is best and you will get years of service from it. Keep you eyes open at yard sales and flea markets for stainless pans ect...
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Below are products I have been using for several years.... If you order one of the stuffers, order an extra o-ring while you are at it... They have performed well for me... They also leave some spare change in your pocket...

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