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Died lastnight

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I do believe that I died and went to heaven last night.

It all started when I prepared and smoked a ham Bearcarver's style, and ended when I prepared and smoked tow chickens Foamheart's style, must mention Dewetha as well as I used his/her rub with some modifications.

Following BC'S recipe and step by step I ended up with a beautiful double smoked half leg of ham. I derailed a few times but managed to pull off the final product. This sucker cost me $29.77 but was worth it. Unfortunately  not enough photos this time around maybe I won't be so nervous next time and take more. My guests went away very happy and never stopped complementing me all night. By the way, does everyone smell as if they were smoked as well?.


Cheers from Down Under.








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Nice job on the Ham and the Birds.

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Thanks Tropics.

For my first time at both I was stoked with the outcome.


Cheers from D.U.

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I love wearing my "smoking jacket" to work after a weekend smoke. Makes everyone hungry! And nice work on the ham and birds!
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they both look great but that ham looks amazing.

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Bear and Foamy two of the best to follow.  Nice job.

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Fantastic, but I gotta admit when I seen the "Died Last night" followed by, "Bear and Foamy", I got sick to my stomach, I'm still sweating.

Anyhow awesome job.


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Looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Good looking smoke mate! Gettin warm in your neck of the woods?

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That ham looks like its ready for a photo shoot for a Holiday magizine!! If it tasted half as good as it looked then you should be proud!!
Keep Smokin!!
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