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First time cheese smoker!

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Man am I excited. Sitting here ready post threads from everyone. So I have the mes40 and made the mailbox mod. Plan on smoking cheeses and taking some of the cheese off after different times in the smoker to compare. I'm going to vacuum seal and then let sit for different lengths to compare also.
Two questions?
What is waxing and do I need to do?
What other advice do you guys have?

Will post pics also.
This forum is awesome!
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Waterdog smoking cheese is easy, watch the temp in the CC I usually go 3.5 hrs to 4hrs. You may not see much color change from when you start, leave them sit in the fridge over night. The next day you will see color and you can shrink wrap or wax.

Here is some I did for X-Mas a few weeks ago

Above pics is when they were brought in

below is the next day sorry can't help with waxing

A little trick use different color tooth picks to identify your cheeses

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Tropics has you covered, I never wax just vac seal.


Here is a link to all your answers - Mr T is them man!1


Hope this helps, good luck and let us know. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Mr T's site is great. Thanks for the info driedstick.
When I put the cheese in the fridge overnight do I cover it with anything?
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Tropics - the cheese looks great. I didn't get to smoke as soon as I wanted to. I will miss Christmas and shoot for New Years Eve to give a try. I know it will be less than fourteen days but I will see the difference if eaten earlier verses later.
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Definitely wait the extra week enjoy

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Tropics-the cheese I ended up buying is 8oz sizes. They look like sticks of butter. Would you still recommend 3.5 to 4 hours? I also bought some mozzarella. Would you do anything different for that type of cheese?
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The ones I used are 8 oz. blocks they are like 2 sticks of butter side by side. If they are like a 4oz stick of butter watch them they will probably finish faster.

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Little bigger than a stick of butter. I'm thinking 3 hours for hard cheese and 1-1/2 hours for soft cheese.
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Going to smoke those almonds also. Lol
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Originally Posted by waterdogscbr View Post

Little bigger than a stick of butter. I'm thinking 3 hours for hard cheese and 1-1/2 hours for soft cheese.

Those are the same as I used enjoy.

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Tropics-thanks for your help and also your service to our Country!
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Tropics gave you some great advice about labeling, especially if you are going to do a test of varieties and smoking time. You will have a hard time remembering which is which unless you carefully label them.


And another piece of advice I would add is plan on smoking another batch immediately. By the time you allow these to age, then find out how good it is (and word spreads to anyone else with access to your refrigerator), you will find yourself out of smoked cheese and weeks away from any more. It's best to have a lot on hand aging than be out and wish you could go back in time.

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Bertman - thank you for the advice. I split up the batch of cheese so I can do another batch immediately after I test the first. Trying to keep good records on smoke time etc.
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I always smoke 4 oz blocks of cheese . Being that i sell it and i have found that one person can eat 4 oz of cheese n crackers in one sitting. I smoke all cheese 4 hrs w/ amnps in my MES40 and vac seal next day and age minimum of 30 days before selling or giving away

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Thanks to everyone for your help.
So here is my first batch. Again I only did half so I can try again in a couple of weeks to tweet.
Soft cheese and butter I did for an 1:45 minutes.
Hard cheese I did for 3:30 minutes.
Put in the fridge overnight and. Sealed tonight.

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Looks good don't get over eager to open it Enjoy it looks great

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Nice cheese, now comes the 2 week wait !

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