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Well the taste was excellent!  No doubt.  That fat...oh man!!!  ;) 


It was a little tough to pull apart as a sandwhich type meal....but if I cut it up and then made a pulled type recipe from the cut up chunks, it would have been perfect.  The wife said she liked it....and I could tell when she kept grabbing another slice once we were done eating and the dishes were in the dishwasher!

Glad it turned out to her liking! Looks tasty! next time go full packer.

Happy smoken.


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Looks pretty tasty to me



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I took the left over half, and cut it up into small chunks.  We ate the rest of it like pulled pork the next day...way easier to eat that way.  Wife enjoyed it again.  Thanks for the help guys!  Venison sausage next

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Be looking forward to it



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