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Smoked trout

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Hey guys,

So I've been on a smoking kick lately, ribs, chicken(my favourite), salmon and jerky. And now I want to try my hand at rainbow trout which I heard is amazing. But I think I got a little ahead of myself. Last night I chopped up my trout and put them in the fridge with my dry brine planning on smoking them tonight. But now Something came up and I won't have time tonight or even tomorrow to smoke them. So my question is can I leave the trout out in the fridge for around 48hours without damaging the flavor? I've read up on times to get a good pellicle and most say you just need a few hours not 48 hours. Anyone have any advice or feedback, Thanks!!

Happy Smoking - ryan
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Fish is a delicate subject IMHO.  I've brined fish in a quart of water with a 1/2 C of Kosher Salt but only for a few hours (~3 max) because I am afraid the fish will be too briny if left longer.  I then refrigerate uncovered overnight and smoke it at 160*F pit temp until done (~ 2.5 hrs).  YMMV

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