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sticky rub

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Looking to start smoking ribs for the first time a rack of ribs,  my concern is, what can I rub onto my ribs before I put powdered rub on the ribs to keep the rub from falling off.  Could I put veg oil or something like that on the ribs prior to putting on the rub.

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You can use plain yellow mustard.

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No need for anything. The moisture from the ribs will keep everything on that's all you need.
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I use nothing as well. But a touch of oil would be what I would use over wasting mustard IMHO.
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Originally Posted by Bear55 View Post

You can use plain yellow mustard.



I also use mustard before breading fish when I am going to fry them.  A good friend of mine taught me that many moons ago. 

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As case said above. You don't need to use anything for glue. Rub one side down Wait a few Min till it draws out a little  and becomes wet and turn and repeat.

It works with any meat.








Happy smoken.


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I've used yellow mustard and I've used olive oil.
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IF I use anything it oil. Most of the time I use nothin.
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I use nothing most of the time but have used yellow mustard
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I like to use yellow mustard and I first pat down the meat to get rid of any excess moisture.  I do this for pork products only and I don't use this for poultry.   I like the bark/crust that I get with the mustard and rub

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